Online Class

Students from India, Qatar & Taiwan attending online chess classes. The classes will be conducted in a systematic way with advanced software’s where there will be a nurturing system for every student. Parents can interact with the Coaches to know about their kid’s progress. Every 2 weeks there will be update to the parents regarding to the online classes the will be a completely transparent where the parents will come to know what their kids are learing in every levels.

Students From Qatar attending Intermediate Batch






   Ram Tej

Students From Qatar attending Beginners Batch






Charvik From Qatar for Personal Class

Our Students from Taiwan

   Vikyath-Beginner Batch-1 on 1 Class

   Samrat-Intermediate Batch-1 on 1 Class

Our Student from India







   Sai Rama


Students from Mandya University





Offline Class

50+ active students attending our offline Chess Classes and Participated in District level, State level, international level Chess tournaments and won trophies and medals in their respective age categories.

Chess In School

Mandya Royal Chess Academy

Global Public School Mandya

Mandya Royal Chess Academy also provides professional chess coaching Our trainers Nandan & Rakesh who had trained more than 500+ Students in global public school. Since from 2018 to till Date.

Prashanth School of Brilliance

The founder secretary started his chess in school journey from Prashanth School of brilliance who had trained over 1000+ students in the year 2018

Carmel Convent School Mandya

Mr.Suheb Khan International Fide Rated Chess Player and Nandan H.C (Chess in School Trainer) had trained more than 100+ Students in the year-2018 in Carmel Convent Mandya.

Sri Gurujnana Vidyalaya School Mandya

Mr.Suheb Khan International Fide Rated Chess Player and Nandan H.C (Chess in School Trainer) had trained more than 100+ Students in the year-2018 in . Sri Gurujnana Vidyalaya School Mandya

Why Offer Chess in Schools?


Chess is a classic game of strategy, invented more than 1500 years ago in India. Legend has it that the ruler of India asked his wise men to devise a way to teach the children of the royal family to become better thinkers and better generals on the battlefield. Chess was the result. In the centuries since its invention, chess has spread to every country in the world.

Academic Benefits

We have brought chess to the schools because we believe it directly contributes to academic performance. Chess makes kids smarter. It does so by teaching the following skills:

Thinking Ahead

Educational Research

These conclusions have been backed up by educational research. Studies have been done in various locations around the United States and Canada, showing that chess results increased scores on standardized tests for both reading and math.

Social Benefits

In the schools, chess often serves as a bridge, bringing together children of different ages, races and genders in an activity they can all enjoy. Chess helps build individual friendships and also school spirit when children compete together as teams against other schools. Chess also teaches children about sportsmanship.